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    Mary Earley - Visit Magical Orlando, Davenport, FL

    So far I’m satisfied with the hits I’m getting, now I just need to get them converted into sales. If leads and bookings come together I’m sure this will be the site where I spend more of my marketing dollars and I may drop one of the older, more well know sites when it’s time to renew.

    As for the support team, they are truly wonderful. Gary is the reason I gave this site my commitment and trust. I believe they want us to succeed and they will do what they can to help us meet our goals. As long as I meet my target they can be assured of my continued renewal and a larger piece of my advertising dollars.

  • Doreen Walker - Lakeside villa, Kissimmee, FL

    Gary, I would just like to say how helpful you were in setting up our listing. You were polite and encouraging so that I got the best possible package.

    Hope we have a long and happy relationship with Book my Rental.com

  • Barbara Lussier-Kissimmee, FL

    It is a good experience.

    Book my rentals has become my favorite web page to use in advertising my home. Having only one home it is important to spend my money wisely-I tried them on a free trial bases and found success right away.

    Any time I had a problem with my non computer knowledge they were there and helped me through my problems. (I am sure most of you would never have them)

    I have now renewed and looking forward to using their best program.

    I am sure if you use them you will find them the best. You are not just a number you are a person to them and that is soooo important.

    I thank them and my Florida home thanks them also.

  • Seth & Rebecca Broche, CA


    www.almosthometahoe.com, www.grouplodging.com, www.groupretreats.com

    We can't recommend bookmyrentals.com and their staff enough. We have been dealing with vacation rental sites since for eleven years, since 2000.

    At one point we were listed on almost twenty of them with three properties each. That was quite a budget for our small family operation. All proved to be set in their ways and unresponsive to our suggestions about improvements or changes that could increase our business.


    We decided to go with them as soon as we saw their site, not because they were the biggest or the highest ranking on Google (yet), but because they will be soon!  

    Many of the features of a vacation rental site we thought someone should include, they HAVE!

    We first put a video tour on our site 6 years ago.

    We were overwhelmed with the response!

    Previously clients were insecure about misunderstanding our places, or concerned about misrepresentation (photos can be zoomed or photoshopped, etc).

    That vanished overnight. Our booking lag shrunk about 60%, and people felt they knew us as "movie stars" they could relate to.

    Most of the money spent on sites other than VRBO and Homeaway has been wasted.

    The bookings didn't materialize to even pay for the cost, and much staff time and phonebill money was spent fielding calls that never resulted in a booking.

    We now have a policy of NOT advertising with anyone who "doesn't get" the vacation rental field, or our particular market, to help us increase our bottom line. This company is different, and is ready to partner with the owner to represent the property in the best most attractive way to get bookings.

    They may be new, but they have a lot of experience they bring to the table from 10 years at top level management in the field. We chose to go with them, and have not been disappointed.

  • Savannah Sunset House
    Brad Williams, Bahamas

    "Bookmyrentals.com has been a great investment for our company and the customer service is wonderful!!!." 

  • Inlet Estate
    Mark Spencer, FL

    "Excellent Web site. We've been very satisfied with the hits we have gotten and the site is incredibly easy for me to manage."